Software Engineering Proverbs

Check out the Software Engineering Proverbs, oh how true they are :)

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  • Software Engineering ProverbsMay 2, 2007 Software Engineering Proverbs (0)
    One of my colleague, Brian, pointed out the Software Engineering Proverbs - which are quite priceless. It sure does remind me of the Top 10 replies from a developer (when code breaks).
  • Google TISPApril 2, 2007 Google TISP (0)
    Google's ISP called TISP is in Beta now - check it out in case you are interested in joining. With only two loo's at home though I think I'll pass on this one
  • Bug Tracking SystemFebruary 22, 2006 Bug Tracking System (0)
    Yes, I have been alive! Check out the Bugs being reported these days (thanks to Karan for the link) :)

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