Interesting Find #18

  1. Cloud vs. Cloud – guided tour of Amazon, AppNexus, GoGrid and Google. Azure is missing but given its late-alpha/early-beta state not surprising.
  2. SheevaPlug Development Kit – this is a development platform targeted for use as a plug computer, and designed to run network-based software services and has a embedded Marvel Sheeva CPU core; quite interesting.
  3. Office 14 – next version of Office will have “online versions”.
  4. Loopa Bowl – the link has all the details; buy it here (in the US).
  5. KidsMenu – an OS for Kids – seems to be a shell running on Windows.
  6. Boogie – an intermediate verification language.
  7. New windows mobile ads – I do feel like throwing the phone sometimes.
  8. – name says it all – pretty cool. Of course nothing new but makes it easy in situations where you don’t have access to the tools or the non-techy friends/families you have out there.
  9. Microsoft Web App Gallery – cool, open source tools build on MS stack.
  10. Resetting your Admin pwd in Vista – quite scary actually. (via The Dogmatix).

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