Suggestions for a new Camera?

Our current camera (Canon IXUS 860 IS) is on the last dying leg – the camera itself works OK, but the screen is going to give up any day now – there are big holes where the pixels are dead (looks like a black hole). We love this model and want something along the same form factor and not interesting in anything fancy. One of the options was the new Canon IXUS 240 HS which has a built-in Wifi connection and has just been released, though is not available in all the markets.

As it happens I am going to be flying through Singapore soon and was thinking of picking one up at duty free. Does anyone have any recommendations for a model along the same lines? Want something decent enough in a small form factor.

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One thought on “Suggestions for a new Camera?

  1. well depends on ur interest, purpose and 800 is awesome to start with…otehrwise you can even go for canon 1dx

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