Chaos reigns within.
Reflect, repent, and reboot.
Order shall return.

#haiku #GeekyHaiku

Oh what a mess

Ridiculous mess
iOS development
conceived by hipsters

#Haiku #GeekyHaiku #GeekyJokes

How does the Netherlands welcome the new US President?

Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain!

Dilbert says it nicely! πŸ™‚




Excel runs the world

This video proves it; and it also shows that Clint is probably one of the best teachers out there! Love the passion! Now, go learn some Excel. πŸ™‚

Three cheers for Agile!

(Hip hip Hooray!)3

Virtual Reality

Will be publishing a Virtual Reality (VR) point of view internally, and thinking of starting with this.

What is Love?

#Love is … staying friends throughout a holiday with no WiFi. ????

What If? Einstein would be proud!


Thought of the day

I’m exhausted. I spent all day saying β€œno” to my children and β€œyes” to my wife.” (source twitter)

Blessing of Health Wearables

Sorry I got confused the time with my Sleep Index - just one more excuse
Blessing of Health Wearables

Smart Homes and Internet of Things

Smart Homes (Again)

Smart Homes


Thought of the day – cats and meow’ing!

Why did the cat meow?

Because it’s a cat. Cats meow.
(PS – I am not a cat guy, more of a dog guy)

Geek Haiku #2

(and also valid for the US Govt)

*Ring* Hello, IT.
*Sigh* Have you tried turning it
Off and on again?

Thought of the Day

Don’t start an argument with a girl because they all have 4,30,50,194 GB memories and will bring up something you did at 14:27PM on 23/04/2008

(via ExtraGrumpyCat)

Geek Haiku #1

two words never heard
in polite conversation
Microsoft Vista

NSA Haiku

You scramble me
and unscramble me
I’m putty in your hands
Only you

Exception of the day

Sigh, why do I get to see all the ‘interesting’ errors. Not sure what do I get to make of this. πŸ™‚