Interesting Find #6

  1. Find editing host files a pain? Then check out HostsMan (v 3.0.45 is just released) which allows you to automatically update, enable/disable, backup, exclusion, etc. host files.
  2. Some old fun programs that we all enjoyed in our time.
  3. Fujitsu announces 1 TB 2.5" HDD's (i.e. for notebooks) – though it might be a little while before they hit the stores and a little longer after that before they are affordable I would guess.
  4. Best in Emerging Technology – very cool! Cool
  5. Did you know there was a hard drive shredder out there, wanna buy one?
  6. Collaboration between people in teams is a "hot" topic these days and to try and solve it there are many solutions out there – one of those being huddle (which I have not used).
  7. But the one that I have used and is quite good is Zoho, and does seem quite promising. I have specifically used the Notebook and Planner. The planner is interesting as well as you can email your page and it will store those emails as content.
  8. Tafiti (which means "to research" in Swahili) is a very cool search experience and essentially showcases Silverlight with Live search behind it – now if only we could switch the search provider to google it would be even sweeter. Smile
  9. fsutil – this is new to me although around for a while. It is a command line utility which can perform many FAT and NTFS related tasks such as managing reparse points, managing sparse files, dismounting a volume, or extending a volume, etc.

Interesting Find #5

  1. SOA in the Real World – Microsoft's eBook for free; alternatively go and buy my book. Wink
  2. Pownce is a way to send messages, files, links, and events to your friends.
  3. Microsoft SkyDrive now open to public beta, giving 500 mb of space; but not sure why you would use that when Mozy gives you unlimited online backup for $5/month (which is about £2.50 / month – cheaper than a cup of Flat White coffee).
  4. F1 Calendar and Track mashup.
  5. Wikimapia – hopefully the name says it all; here is Delhi for example.
  6. Speaking of Delhi, you might also want to do some sightseeing with google maps; for example here is one amazing place called Deolali where I have spend a few years.
  7. External Bit Torrent hard drive – though I won't know why you would need one?
  8. Jotle lets you zoom into various parts of the world and see map points for Wikimapia and Placeopedia.
  9. Not only do we we get to see the final TFS 2008 features list, but P&P guys also release TFS Guide and the first public bits for Rosario are available.
  10. If you ever wanted to run Linux apps in Windows then you need Xming which is a free unlimited X Window server and can run on XP,2003 and Vista.

Interesting Find #4

  1. Fastest residential uplink in the world – 40 GB/sec!
  2. Updated programmer stereotypes – updated for "today's" world.
  3. Hotmap shows where people have looked at when using Virtual Earth.
  4. Advanced Vista Codec Package (note: I have not used these yet)
  5. Vista's (little known) recovery strategies.
  6. My Picture 3D allows you to see your pictures in a 3D environment – probably a bit useless and only for those with a high speed Internet access.
  7. Outlook Extra allows to change the default path so you can easily find and delete attachments send in emails among other tweaks.
  8. Moo – they print things from your stuff.
  9. PHP121 – a php based IM – perfect for internal corporate chat where you don't (or can't) access one of the IM's.
  10. Five Tech mistakes to avoid.
  11. Visual Studio Robotics tutorial (with Mindstorms NXT of course).
  12. Free legal icons for you to leech (they are under GPL).
  13. Parking Perfection game – learn how to park! Smile
  14. Warthog anyone?
  15. Toshiba's wireless docking station – though I have had such terrible experiences with my Tecra M3 over the last 3-odd years I cannot recommend a Toshiba to anyone!

Interesting Find #3

  1. Office Live Basics – get it for free.
  2. Google Talk Emoticons
  3. Speaking of google, they now have hot trends
  4. Jing, what is it and how do I use it?
  5. Estetiikka – Free web gallery using PHP (v5) and MySQL.
  6. Interested in making Ubuntu look just like OS X?
  7. Zen Computing – some guys are raving about this Linux distro as better than Fedora and Ubuntu.
  8. Live Earth Videos now available.
  9. Vista Wallpapers, including the one running on the blog here.
  10. Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) – tool to battle spam

Interesting Find #2

Continuing the interesting find series, here are the next set of finds.

  1. Grasshopper 2.0 – is a free VS.NET plugin that allows you to code in .NET 2.0, build for Java and run on Linux, without rewriting any code! Sweet!
  2. IKVM.NET – is a implementation of Java for both Mono and .NET and includes a Java VM, .NET implementation of the Java class libraries and some other tools which enable interoperability between both .NET and Java. This is more of less compliant with JDK 1.4, though there are some gaps and AWT and Swing are not implemented yet.
  3. – lets you create virtual machine of the free and awesome VMware Player. I know many others share the same opinion that VMware Workstation is many generations ahead than Microsoft's VPC. If you are too cheap to pony up the $189 license fee then EasyVMX might just be what the doctored ordered.
  4. Solid freeform Fabrication – DIY, on the cheap, and made of pure sugar! This is a project to construct a home-built three dimensional fabricator which allows for a low cost design leveraging recycled components, large printable volume emphasized over high resolution, and ability to use low-cost printing media including granulated sugar.
  5. SavaSocket – Allows you to power off standby appliances and as a result save money, energy and the environment! It is like any other power socket, with the exception it has a infrared receiver and can learn a specific button from any infra red remote control allowing the user to control power to the socket and as a result all devices plugged into that.
  6. Windows Splash Screens – a trip down memory lane showing all of Windows splash screens thus far from Windows 1.01 released back in 1985.

Interesting Find #1

I keep stumbling along many interesting finds online (well interesting to me) which I keep storing in OneNote and finally decided to start posting them here under the .link category. These mostly would be for me when I want to get them to a later stage.

Without further adieu, here is the first of many finds:

  1. The Phrase Finder – if you ever wanted to know about Phrases, Idioms and their meanings, origins and popular fallacies then check out the phrase finder. e.g. Vis-à-vis
  2. – wanted to share files with others? Check out which allows you to share any time of information with who and what you share. Read up more here and don't forget to check out the fine print.
  3. JFGI (Just f***ing google it) – need one say any more? Smile
  4. Urban Dictionary – a slang dictionary with your definitions e.g. I recently heard there is something (or someone) called a Neek.

SyncToy for Vista

I got this via the Avanade communities and was not aware of it. There is SyncToy v1.4 for Vista! BTW this also works with XP and there is a white paper showing how to do this on XP.

Free MS Goodies

This is an old but still an excellent list of free goodies and tools from Microsoft for Windows. You can also find a link there for Office goodies.


I stumbled across this very cool site called VistaBase which helps you track all the various products, betas, RC’s, etc coming from Microsoft. I am quite surprised, I have not heard of them before – but as they say, better late than never. Check them out when you get the time.

The best part being the one-stop shop for all the drivers that work with Vista for your graphics cards.

Want a RealPlayer alternative?

If you are like me and shy away from RealPlayer because of all the “junk” it installs with and the persistent nagging, well you don’t need to anymore. Check out RealAlternative (as of now at v1.33) which lets you play RealMedia files without having to install RealPlayer (or RealOne player).

You do need a player that is capable of playing RealMedia. The included Media Player Classic supports it and works very well. Supported: RealAudio (.ra .rpm), RealMedia (.rm .ram .rmvb .rpx .smi .smil), RealText (.rt), ReadPix (.rp), RealMedia embedded in web pages. .smi and .smil files sometimes only play the first part of a clip. This is a limitation of the current Media Player Classic. The RealMedia Browser plug in supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Mozilla.

Extension Room (Firefox, Mozilla and Thunderbird)

This probably is no surprise to you (it sure was to me), but there is an excellent collection of extensions (@ the time of this post 228) for Firefox (you can also get to Mozilla and Thunderbird). There are various categories and seem quite cool. I have not tried them yet, but am going to install some soon. Also not sure, if these are cross platform or do they depend on a platform basis. Anyways, if you have not heard of Firefox, then which planet have you been living on? If you are back from Saturn, then I would recommend to install it right away and have fun browsing.

Your favourite comics by RSS

Tapestry has a bunch of comics they provide as RSS which contain some of my all time favourites (B.C, Dilbert and Wizard of ID) and wishing they add some more! Irrespective, it is pretty cool and if you want a good laugh in a day, then worth checking out.

VS.NET Fun Facts

If you use VS.NET then you must read the fun facts to get the most out of the IDE.  This is not new, but had forgotten about it, till I stumbled upon it again recently.

WinFX Reference

WinFX is the next generation of the API Library that is going to be part of Longhorn and would be replacing Win32 as we know it today. There is an excellent reference that covers Whidbey, Longhorn and Yukon for it that can be found here.